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In Information Technology

Programming Courses
Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, C++, and more!
Hardware Courses
Building computers, troubleshooting, and more!
Learn how to become a Linux administrator and more!
Networking Courses
Learn about networking protocols, cabling, and IP addressing and more!
IT Courses
Learn about web design, scripting, animation, and more!
Use concepts from Physics, and programming to build your own competitive robot!
We offer courses covering the topics of Web Design, Programming, Computer Networking, Linux, and Computer Hardware. They are available from the Grade 9 level to the Grade 12 level.

Also home to a district wide IT program, Killarney is leading the way for students interested in learning about IT.

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In Information Technology

These are resources you may find helpful in your information technology projects/studies:

IT 10

IT 11


In Information Technology

These are our Information Technology club(s). They are moderated by Ms. Ali, and take place in her room (Room A332).